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Default Re: Really getting sick of this...


I got one of these boards to pair up with an e7200. Unfortunately it seems to have a hard fsb wall at exactly 344mhz.

343 posts and memtest/primes ok, but 344 causes it to revert back to stock, and setting 344 or higher in setFSB causes the whole thing to lock up
(but setting to lower fsb works of course)

Later on i might try the BSEL mod on the cpu, and change a few bios options around, but this puzzles me a lot.

Edit: After some research, it seems that this is a hard chipset limitation. Nobody has been able to get more than 345mhz from a G41.. that's also why they dropped the "1600fsb supported" stickers on the box.
God dammit.

Now I'm stuck with this POS. I really wanted to give this kid a nicely overclocked system and now he's getting a 2.67Ghz dual core. :\

That's what I get for being loyal to a brand. I read about several other cheap ass boards overclocking just fine but I buy the name brand one that can't do anything.
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