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Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
You just need to take a step back and realize what you're saying. The $65 board was probably designed to run 1066 fsb processors, and they were able to squeeze some extra headroom on it to get it to run at 1333mhz. That is already a 25% overclock over the stock settings. We take for granted now that you can just grab and CPU and any board and just pull 50% increases out of thin air. Go back a few years just before the C2Ds came out and you might be ecstatic getting a 10% increase over stock settings.

The first thing to remember with overclocking is there are no guarantees. If you can get 1 mhz over stock settings that's better than nothing.
I've read several people getting over 400Mhz FSB on other G41 boards.

Read my post above. There's just some kind of wall on these things that stops them from getting over 343Mhz. I know, there are no guarantees in overclocking, but that doesn't make me any less pissed that this particular board is so far behind all others that I've used over the past 3 years. You're right that years ago on other platforms it was unheard of to get FSBs in the high 400s. But we're talking about a recent chipset on a board that's only been out a few months, on a platform that is well known for having huge overclocks, especially on Intel chipsets.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I don't know if I'll be able to live with myself knowing I built a gaming system with a kick ass video card, a nice cooler, 4Gb of ram and a 2.67Ghz dual core.

I know its not THAT slow since it has 4Mb of cache, but I was really hoping to build a stronger system than this.
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