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Default Re: Ex-WoW Players Come In

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
I never got into WoW like I did EQ1, in fact I never did get into any MMORPG like I did EQ1,

I played WoW for maybe a month and got bored. I think the community sucks, and it is the MMORPG that started all this casual gaming genre to make it easy so for that I hate WoW
Same here...WOW is currently my only activated account, but I don't play that much. EQ1 was pure magic for me. Since then, I have tried to recapture it unsuccessfully...

EQ (first)
Star Wars Galaxies
Age of Conan
Lineage 2
EQ 2
Saga of Ryzom
D&D Online
(note, some of these I only did beta....Long enough to ensure that the game sucked and I could move on)...

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