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Default Re: Torchlight [diablo clone]

Honestly, this game seems more of a Fate clone than Diablo clone. Actually, it basically is a Fate clone. Fate is all singleplayer(like Torchlight), you have a pet(like Torchlight), you can change your pet into different animals by feeding it fish(like Torchlight), your pet holds your inventory and can sell for you(like Torchlight), all levels are ever changing(like Torchlight), the graphics are 100% cartoony (like Torchlight). Yea the game has Diablo 2's controls scheme, but so does Fate. This is completely a Fate clone.

Which isn't bad necessarily. I bought Fate when it first released for around $5 bucks(before it was even heard of by anyone). It gave me plenty of hours of enjoyment. The game does eventually get a bit stale, but still worth the money.

I'm on the fence as to if I will buy this. No multiplayer means I can't play with friends, but it also means I can play casually and leave whenever I want without feeling guilty. Due to the baby, I've told myself I'm not going to play an online RPG again for a very long time due to time constraints.
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