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Default Re: Windows 8 and 9 may support 128-bit architecture

Originally Posted by Vorgus View Post
The only thing that really seems to be giving 64-bit a push right now is more then 4Gb of ram support in the OS. Else 32-bit is still fine for most. And the only reason we need more ram is sloppy bloated code.
Not really. 64-bit actually does make a lot of sense for many things right now, particularly in gaming where a lot of games now need a lot of high precision vector calculations done even for non graphics or physics related things. Furthermore it doesn't matter how bloated or non-bloated the engine code is, in the end you are still going to deal with very large resources (e.g. textures, sounds, and the like) that will require larger memory pools as games become more detailed.

And that is completely ignoring the IT space where you regularly deal with large amounts of data that can't somehow be reduced by merely writing more efficient code (though it cab help, but ultimately you need better hardware.)
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