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Default Re: Ex-WoW Players Come In

Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
Youve never played EQ1 have you? WoW has 2 factions, a human cant go into a night elf city and start killing night elves, in EQ1 you can kill ANY NPC, ANY. You could also drop stuff on the ground such as coins or any item, one trick quite often used was to drop a plat on the ground at a city entrance, then use a level 1(or 4? I forget) spell called "Minor Illusion"(for Enchanters only), it will change you into a nearby object, so then you just pick up your coin and watch as people try to pick you up as they run by.

Back on the topic of killing any NPC, you also gain and lose faction for just about everything you kill, and same goes for pretty much every quest, which allowed anyone to become aligned with whatever city they wanted, no fixed factions, no "cant kill your own faction npcs" crap, no restrictions on just about anything.
THAT is what I am talking about when I say freedom.
I played EQ1 in beta and for 3 years. Some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.

Exactly what you are saying is why the experience of it surpasses any WoW experience. IMO as an outsider looking in on WoW, everything is been there done that. I'm not really too impressed with WoW. Never have been. They made a game that appealed to the general population, but not to gamers. EQ appealed to gamers and thats it. Obviously "hardcore" gamers (like i use to be) absolutely loved EQ. I'll never say anything bad about the game. It was well made. The GM's in EQ would NEVER allow the rubbish that happens in WoW. Especially if you were on a RolePlaying server, the GM's were extremely strict there.

WoW is and always has been, a game for idiot kids and lonely adults. Thats it.
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