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Hi Carl

Firstly I've noted your previous expert contributions so take the moment to thank you.

Which driver version(s) are you using now? I found I no longer got the pre-emption error message using the 190.x drivers however I still get fatal video errors (190.40) after playing live TV it seems that it only happens after > an hour playing.

I also concluded that a particular motherboard model (I tried both these GA 7VRXP Rev 1.1 and GA 7VRXP Rev 2.0 both with AMD 2400's) had major issues with the PCI cards reliably producing fatal errors within a minute whether playing files or live TV. (however they had earlier worked fine with 5200 cards using SD). Why that is the case I can only speculate, perhaps marginal PCI power supply on the board, or any number of things way beyond my understanding. I've swapped one board out with an Intel 3000 based board which now behaves the same as the others, so the remaining components seemed ok. Adequate PSU is always a consideration for the relatively power hungry 9400's.

Single Intel 3000 CPU based motherboards with PCI 9400GTs have behaved as well for me as C2D 3G CPU PCIe 8500GT's. Most AMD PCI success reports were for CPU's > the 2400 however I had expected those to be OK also.

I also found that RAM > 2G had major issues with PCI bandwidth (running 32 bit).

For your interest I run one 9400GT water cooled, it is reported to run between 39 and 42 degrees (this is a less observed one) The 8500GT is also water cooled and runs 39 degrees, I note playing 1080i it jumps to 45 degrees, and jumps back to 39 almost immediately following stopping play. With these cards I doubt that temperature could be a cause of instability. Another 9400GT running on passive air seems to behave much the same.

Finally it is mainly Live TV that is the issue for me, however because the condition generally takes hours to occur I can't conclude that files are not effected, other than noting they may avoid exhibiting the issue as files are generally not long enough!

I might setup some longer movies to play and see what happens if that would help?
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