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Originally Posted by Dragorep View Post
Finally it is mainly Live TV that is the issue for me, however because the condition generally takes hours to occur I can't conclude that files are not effected, other than noting they may avoid exhibiting the issue as files are generally not long enough!
I recorded ~seven hours of HD content from DVB to harddisk. If I play them using mplayer -vc ffh264vdpau (without using DVB), playback finishes without problems.
If I tune to any channel using gnutv or szap -p, and start playing any recording from harddisk (or /dev/devb/adapter0/dvr0), I get pre-emptions after less than one hour, even without hardware accelerated decoding (only using vo vdpau).
I will try to buy another DVB card to continue testing.

I can only test that system occasionally (and less easily in the cold season), but I will post updates in this thread, Carl Eugen
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