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Default Re: NVIDIA Developer Talks Openly About Linux Support

I really apologize that RandR 1.2+ support on NVIDIA has been so long in coming. When it first came up, the urgency didn't seem very high, because we already had our dynamic TwinView support. Then, numerous other projects came up and took precedence. Since then, RandR has suffered from hovering just below the cut-line.
I really hope we can get back to this soon.
In other words, NVIDIA is still not working on this. What pity!

Does NVIDIA have any intentions to provide Kernel-based Mode-Setting support?
Nothing definite, no, but we do get a lot of requests for it and it is something I hope we can pursue in the future.
Same pity here.

IMO RandR and KMS are the most important not-yet-implemented features for every day desktop users. Much more important than VDPAU or 3D-acceleration. But apparently not a selling argument for graphics cards. The OS AMD driver (radeonhd) has both. Unfortunately, it seems it will still take a couple of months (weeks?) until the radeonhd driver is stable enough for every-day use. But it looks like its time will come. And NVIDIA is stuck with their closed-source beast:

AMD was able to open source and/or document a lot by separating out the parts they couldn't legally disclose.[...] Could nVidia use the same strategy?

A similar strategy might be technically possible for NVIDIA, but for better or worse I think it is quite unlikely.
Funny... until now NVIDIA ruled in the linux world. Soon this will change, and I suspect my next graphics card will be made by AMD. And I don't mind closed-source drivers. But I want drivers that support "standard" features!
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