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Default Re: 190.40 fatal mythtv video freeze

OK. What makes you believe this is a VDPAU driver problem, as opposed to a problem in MythTV when using VDPAU?

To determine this, can you run mythfrontend from a shell session that you can watch while using MythTV (e.g. over ssh) and set the following environment variable before running MythTV:

export VDPAU_TRACE=1

When you get the problem, please see if any VDPAU trace messages are still being displayed. If they are, MythTV is still calling the VDPAU driver. If not, MythTV has hung/... internally for some reason. If you do see trace messages, could you post a good few seconds worth here, so I can see what commands MythTV is sending, to make sure they're still valid. Thanks.
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