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Default Re: Torchlight [diablo clone]

Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
Um, actually, this is a topdown action RPG, mostly featuring inside dungeons and catacombs, it will naturally require a lower end computer just by nature of the genre, so I doubt making it cartoony to make it playable for everyone is what they were thinking.
It will? Sacred 2 is also a topdown action RPG and it is fairly demanding, especially with elite texture pack from the Collector's Edition. So that reasoning falls short.

My point is that it is easier to accept a low detail environment if the style is somewhat cartoony as cartoons per se are low detailed.

A realistic looking game like for example ARMA2 does not look good with low detail. Here is an example with all settings at low:,6...&show=original

Here is a screenshot of Torchlight to compare with:
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