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Default Re: Ex-WoW Players Come In

Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
sammy_sung: You dont believe there is that many in this world? :P
No since that would mean that about 70% of this board is part of that group,i play wow myself but i'm niether a stupid kid or a lonely adult.Sure,there's a lot of stupid kids who play wow but there's just as high of a percentage playing online shooters like CS,UT etc.I played Unreal Tournament for 10 years and that community was as ****ty as the wow community,one difference however and that's the fact that so many wow players feel a need to defend blizzard and the game itself.I'm on the verge of quitting as there's tons of issues that are left unfixed,that the gamesecurity gets worse etc etc.

The game grows on my harddrive like some tumor (18GB and counting) and there's just far too many tehcnical issues with serverlag,people that have problems running the game.It's 5 years old and it still runs like crap,freaking crysis runs smoother than wow does in dalaran.But the kids that Tygerwoody mentioned still thinks everything is ok,that people that get hacked asked for it,that blizzard is their god that can do no wrong and that everything is the endusers fault.

Now theyre forcing everyone to convert their accounts to and youre supposed to log in using your email.Finding someones email adress out is a lot easier than finding out a account name of your own choice as it was before.Security is crappy,they need to do something about it or give people the authenticator they sell for free.They should include it with the game tbh.

I had a lot of fun when i started playing,getting pvp gear etc when you still could get pvp weapons without insanely high arena rating but the pve people got jelaous and made such a fuss over the pvp weapons for badges and honor so blizz removed them.

I could rant about it forever but i wont,i'll just change game instead.
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