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Default Re: NVNews Steam ID and Xfire Thread

Originally Posted by Monolyth View Post
Redeemed I need an invite to nVnews group as well:
Steam ID:

Thanks man.

XFire: Monolythic
Originally Posted by Retrolock View Post
Need for steam friends, buddies, enemies etc

Steam id: retrolock
Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Some of you may remember a while back my steam account got hacked?

Well it appears that whoever hacked it DID use cheats on a VAC secured servers! ...

Apparently there is nothing steam can do about a VAC banned account! ... Ive had to create a new account, Ive lost the games i had with that account!

Feel free to re-add me.

Steam ID: atojar1

XFire ID: atojar
Originally Posted by Stoneyguy View Post
stoneyguy for both though I'm rarely on Xfire
I'm at work now, pulling a graveyard shift to setup all the Windows7 laptops and wont be back till 6AM... hopefully. I'll try to add ya'll some time today after I get in from work.

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Yes that's me Redeemed.

Thanks bud.
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