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Default Re: NVIDIA Developer Talks Openly About Linux Support

Originally Posted by woelfel View Post
IMO RandR and KMS are the most important not-yet-implemented features for every day desktop users. Much more important than VDPAU or 3D-acceleration. But apparently not a selling argument for graphics cards. The OS AMD driver (radeonhd) has both. Unfortunately, it seems it will still take a couple of months (weeks?) until the radeonhd driver is stable enough for every-day use. But it looks like its time will come. And NVIDIA is stuck with their closed-source beast:

Funny... until now NVIDIA ruled in the linux world. Soon this will change, and I suspect my next graphics card will be made by AMD. And I don't mind closed-source drivers. But I want drivers that support "standard" features!
What a bunch of rubbish. RandR would be nice but KMS vs hardware video acceleration? I don't see how that's even in the same ballpark.

Try using any of the other drivers sometime, the difference between X with the nvidia drivers and X with anything else is night and day. The nvidia driver is an example of probably one of the most successful, stable and well implement closed source applications for linux.
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