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Default Re: End of the line for GTX 2xx series?

I find it hard to believe Nvidia would cut their losses anywhere. They currently have far more compelling reasons to purchase their hardware as opposed to any competition. I have a Core2Quad 3.0 GHz system with a GTX 275 / 8800 GTS 512 PhysX and I'm am insanely happy. I've had the core of this system since January/February of 2008 the only change being the GTX 275 upgrade. The point is that faster is in no way better like it was 5 years ago. The enthusiast market isn't large enough to support any business model in the PC industry because these days people buy, for the most part, what will give them the most bang for their buck inside of what they prefer.

Say ATI came out with a card that was 3x faster than anything Nvidia has available (oh and claiming to support DX11 to boot). Even then I personally would stick with an Nvidia upgrade because that is my chosen preference (however I've chosen to build two AMD/ATI motherboard(integrated graphics)/processor based systems for non personal use since I built my almost 2 year old pc). I've done ATI.... sorry AMD, nothing against you but Nvidia is leagues ahead as the gaming industry is concerned. My experiences with ATI are nothing I will risk throwing my money away to experience again (I used ATI from the originally introduced Radeon chip until the x800 era or so so it's not like I had one issue and bailed. It was the overall experience which was love/hate/hate/hate).

Let us all not forget what happened when vendors claimed DX 10 support and when the first DX 10 supported applications officially released all that DX 10 hardware took massive performance hits and really had to be downscaled to DX 9 mode for playable framerates.

What's up now biatch (ATI).
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