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Default Re: NVIDIA Developer Talks Openly About Linux Support

Originally Posted by packermann View Post
So far, sure it would be a nice to have if RandR and KMS would work, but I really don't see the urgency for this. I'm using a thinkpad, for switching monitors, I installed disper and configured it to be triggered by Fn-F7... works flawlessly. KMS would be nice for faster switching to the console, ok... but seriously, how often do you do this? There are other flaws in the driver, that should be priorised. For example, since some version (somewhere around 180.something) initialization took longer and longer. Now, with 190.40 for example, I'm waiting over 30 seconds for the driver to initialize to get to X. I had to tweak the timeouts for gdm to get to a loginscreen (thx to nvfuchs for the hint). There are still huge slowdowns on resizing windows, tearing is another anoyance. These are known problems, posted here several times by different people. NVidia, please track down these problems first before heading to new features.
And I've done this. But now you have to setup disper, save off configuration files for each display mode you come up with, and of course edit acpi scripts to call disper from the FN-F7 button. Yeah, that was all seemless.

I hate to make this comparison, but on Windows and OSX, there's always one common way to change resolutions. On Linux, it varies.
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