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Default Re: Windows 7 Officially Out Now!

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
I don't think Microsoft could have get it wrong after Vista,...
...That's what they said after Windows ME.

Actually, if I had to choose between Vista and Win 7 at this point, I'd take Vista. Thankfully XP still works great. 7 has some very annoying bugs and features removed, like:

Remembering windows size/position. It puts all windows in the place of the last one closed. Tried WindowManager but it remembers some windows at like 1/4 mile off screen somewhere, then you can't get to them at all.
The "stuck at 59 hertz" bug makes it unusable for me. Got to have it show 60 or it breaks apps.
At least twice a day it boots up with no desktop icons at all and you have to go turn them back on. WTF?!?

Maybe in a few months after service pack 1....
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