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Default Re: End of the line for GTX 2xx series?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Are they out of stock because people are buying a lot, or are they out of stock because yields are low and they had to give what they have to Dell?

As far as this card goes, there will likely be more PhysX games launched in the next year than DX11 games.

Last, people will always buy more NVIDIA products than ATi, for the same reason people buy more Intel CPUs than AMD. Intel and NVIDIA are brand names the public associates with quality. Time after time, even when AMD/ATi 'win" for a little while, they end up losing.

Nothing you can post here will change that. (or keep the Grim Reaper off their door as creditors grow anxious for that $5b they owe)
LOL, ok fanboy. You do realize that in all likelyhood, ATI is going to win the next round as well, and might even catch up or maybe even beat NV in marketshare by next year? Hence NV re-imagining Fermi as a supercomputer device, because they know they are backed into a corner at the moment, and need to find a new angle to sell their product.

NV themselves are down this year considerably, its just ignorance not to see it. ATI is looking up, and moving towards profitability, whereas NV is going in the other direction. That is reality. You can live in whatever fantasy land you want though, if it makes you feel better...

IMO, NV would be better off to stop this "supercomputer" crap and Physx and focus more on making an awesome GPU, rather than spread themselves thin trying to cover all bases.
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