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Default Re: End of the line for GTX 2xx series?

NV re-imagining Fermi as a supercomputer device
No. Nvidia is a gaming company first. And their GPUS are "Not" being reimagined as Supercomputing devices. Nvidia isn't stupid.

1) NVidia has invested a ton into Devrel
2) Nvidia has invested a ton into PhysX and its aqquisition.
3) Nvidia has invested a ton into 3D Vision.
4) Nvidia has built new software that compiles to OpenGL/DirectX/DirectX Compute/CUDA/OpenCL

None of this translates into Nvidia "reimagining" its hardware. And considering the money Nvidia has invested into the PC gaming market. It doesn't make a lick of common sense.

Just because Nvidia announced its shader architecture for Fermi at the GPU Convention does not mean that Nvidia is "Refocusing" anywhere. The Discreet Desktop market makes NVidia alot of its money. Nvidia is not going to turn its back on one of its core market. It is simply going to leverage the flexibility of the Nvidia GPU design to enter other markets.

Fermi's shader core is an evolutionary step from the GT200/G80 shader cores. Which are both good gaming cards. Just because there something faster now does not make them bad cards today. There is no reason Nvidia can't design a card dedicated to gaming that has extra functions that allow it to tackle a new market. The market is moving towards general purpose GPU devices. And thats exactly what Fermi is. DirectX Compute. Which is a big part of DirectX 11. Will leverage Fermi's GPU Compute capability. And so will PhysX and so will Bullet. All of which are gaming relevant. The APIS and architectures have been leaning this way for a while. Eventually GPUS are going to be doing alot of "General" Tasks within their own hardware as directed by the APIS such as DirectX and OpenCL . And it will only benefit gaming.

Saying that Nvidia is "Refocusing, Moving Away, changing focus" from GPU gaming is just obsurd given how little information is publically known about Nvidia next gen architecture.
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