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I see someone said that they had Win 7 RC on their computer and they used the Win 7 Home Pro upgrade disc and it let them upgrade from RC (Ultimate) to Home Pro by doing a custom install. That would be exactly what I want to do and hopefully it will work.

redunion1940 said:
You can't use a blank drive for upgrading, that is why it is called upgrading, even Apple doesn't allow this. But I just got my $30 Professional upgrade for my desktop, and all I had was win 7 RC on it and I used custom install from the set up folder and it worked fine, you can custom install and have a clean install.
redunion1940 said:
Okay this is what you do, if you have a disc I used digital media, but if you have a disc and you have either XP, Vista or 7 RC on the harddrive, put the disc in with the original operating system running,

Then when the auto-run prompts you or you start the disc, click custom install. It will ask you if it is okay to put all of the old windows files into a file called Windows.old, then it will run just like a regular clean install take about 25 minutes and then you have a clean install of Windows 7, you then can navigate to the Windows.old file folder get what you need from it and then just delete it from the hard drive.

You will now have a clean Windows 7.

As for your friend he will need to restore his old partion as upgrade media will not install on a clean partiton it has to have a old version of windows on it.
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