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Default Re: End of the line for GTX 2xx series?

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
LOL, ok fanboy. You do realize that in all likelyhood, ATI is going to win the next round as well, and might even catch up or maybe even beat NV in marketshare by next year? Hence NV re-imagining Fermi as a supercomputer device, because they know they are backed into a corner at the moment, and need to find a new angle to sell their product.

NV themselves are down this year considerably, its just ignorance not to see it. ATI is looking up, and moving towards profitability, whereas NV is going in the other direction. That is reality. You can live in whatever fantasy land you want though, if it makes you feel better...

IMO, NV would be better off to stop this "supercomputer" crap and Physx and focus more on making an awesome GPU, rather than spread themselves thin trying to cover all bases.
I seem to remember you (and other ATi fans) saying this last summer. How NVIDIA "couldn't compete" because you imagined their chips "too big, too expensive to produce". Look how that turned out-

AMD’s unit share rising from 31% in the first quarter to 35% in Q2’09, with Nvidia declining four points to 64%.
So after a whole year of selling their best product since the 9700Pro, ATi managed to claw their way to a 35% desktop market share. Errr....woot?

I personally don't use the GPGPU stuff beyond Badaboom transcoding, but it can't be denied there's a huge market for it. Every week I get press releases about a new company starting to use it, or a University starting to teach it. The economics involved are too significant for the market to ignore, as is the computing power.

As far as "NVIDIA going down":


MS just gave NVIDIA a partner award for the Ion, as Intel integrated can't even run all Windows 7 features. AMD isn't mentioned, as usual.

And of course Tegra is in the new MS Zune, and will be in next gen Nintendo DS.

And then there's Fermi- which should pretty much own HD5XXX on all fronts. Having the market to themselves for a quarter won't help ATi in 2010 NP. As we saw with the GT200, and the G80, having the leading edge single GPU leads to having the leading edge multi GPU. Very soon, ATi's only possible selling point will be price. Just the way it is.

That's a bad position to be in, because AMD has no competing products in their fight with Intel, and waging a price war on the ATi side is the LAST thing the deep in debt the lumbering Frankenstein firm needs these days. How many quarters can AMD go without a profit? 12 straight so far, and $5 billion in debt to service. Credit has to be getting tight for AMD as year after year they chant the "Return to profitability" mantra.

If their tech actually had value, NVIDIA probably would have bought their little company by now.
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