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Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
no there is no upgrading on a clean drive. You have to have a copy installed. It has now been reported that you can use the same vista trick to use your upgrade key on a clean install by booting with the upgrade disk, running a clean install but not using your key or activating it, then upgrade again with a clean install and activate.

I've just tasted the vomit worthy smug of the apple fanboy...almost funny until you want to rip your hair out over the pompous prick fanboism...
The review was rather funny but has valid points. Windows always has had lots of silly dialogue boxes and Windows 7 takes it one step further with the error messages and solutions. Also, IE8 showing Google below a load of other search engines, categorized as popular is just a stab at them from Microsoft. Google's Chrome even has MSN search third in it's list.

It's also worth noting that the OS 'still' acts like a nanny rather than being transparent and just work. Why oh why does it tell you that new hardware is being installed, and then tell you it is installed? How about you just work and only tell me if there is a problem?

The OS still gets in your face, that's what OS X users see, it's true and even Linux just gets on with the job rather than telling you about worthless information.
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