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Default Re: End of the line for GTX 2xx series?

It's true that AMD/ATi is a larger company, but their market cap is always dropping very low due to their huge debt, and failure to establish market share and make a profit year after year.

About the only bright spot on their horizon is PC gaming graphics cards, and half of that market isn't enough to float a company their size. (even if they weren't saddled with the billions in remaining debt after they had to sell their foundry)

They don't compete in their primary business (CPUs) at all, and they get stomped flat in the handheld/workstation/MCP/GPGPU markets. I've heard their console business might break even, if that.

It's nice ATi could add 20fps to their last gen by doubling everything, but my hunch is Fermi will do everything the 5870s do, better, and add much more. The only advantage being first to market with DX11 is going to have in this case is some sales for a quarter.

Very soon every product AMD/ATi sells is going to be totally outclassed on all fronts.
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