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Default You Can Use the Upgrade Edition to go from Vista 32 to Win 7 64

Update: MS tech support is wrong. You can boot from the upgrade disk and do a clean install. I did it! See my later post for details.

My three Win 7 Upgrade disks finally arrived. The first machine to be upgraded is my Vista 32 box. I decided to install Win 7 64. I knew that I would have do a "Custom" rather than "Upgrade " install and reload my programs. But, to my shock and horror I have learned that the Upgrade Edition does not allow a switch from 32 Vista to 64 Win 7 at all. You get a compatibility error when you run setup.exe. I just talked to 2 different techs at Microsoft that confirmed that a Full version of Win 7 is necessary to swith from 32 Vista to 64 bit Windows 7. It can only be done with a "clean" install whuch is not the same as a "custom" install. A clean install can only be done with a full version.

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