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Default Re: Can go from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Win 7 with Upgrade Edition

I hate that you can't change the original title once you start a thread! I still can't believe that neither tech at MS knew you could do it. One even sent an email confirming his "advice." Here is the email. They told me that I would have to purchase the full retail of Win 7 to get the 64 bit version on my system.

Hi Gary Young,

This is Anay Suneel Joshi with Microsoft Windows Technical Support.

It was my pleasure to work with you on your Windows service request 1115167616. Unfortunately, we were unable to resolve your issue. However, I hope that you were happy with the service provided to you.

I will archive the service request as Not-Resolved. If you are not happy with the support we've provided please let us know as soon as possible. My goal is to ensure that your experience with Microsoft Windows Technical Support leaves you pleased with our products and services.

Here is a summary of the key points of the service request for your records:

Action: Upgrade to win7 64 bit
Result: Unsuccessful
Cause: Invalid Upgrade Path
Resolution: Windows Vista 32 bit cant be upgraded to Windows7 64 bit

If you have any feedback regarding Microsoft support, we would be glad to hear from you. If you would feel more comfortable speaking with someone else regarding my service, Tabrez Shaikh, my manager, would be very happy to hear your comments and suggestions. You may reach my manager by sending an email to

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Windows Technical Support.


Anay Suneel Joshi
0600-1500 PST

*When replying please include your SR number, name, email address and phone number. Thank you.*

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