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Default Re: End of the line for GTX 2xx series?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Very soon every product AMD/ATi sells is going to be totally outclassed on all fronts.
With what? What kind of magic secret special sauce does NV have that will make it all better? Right now, we know pretty much what Fermi will be, because NV pretty much paper launched it a while ago. Its slightly more than a double GTX280, by about 15% on shaders. Everything else is about doubled. That makes it maybe slightly more than double a GTX280 in performance, with ATI having the 5870, which is a slightly more than double 4870. Its the same situation... so tell me Rollo, what happened last round?

Only this time, ATI is way ahead on the launch, and has 30+% more performance in reserve for a 5890 card if they need it to beat whatever NV launches next year. Not to mention, the moment NV launches their card, ATI can just bring out the 5870x2 and beat it soundly. The situation for NV is bad now, when last year they lost when the situation for them was great, and they were poised to crush ATI.

Well? You think fanboyism will change reality?
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