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Default Re: First to fully max out crysis with well over 60 fps!

lol SLI is too damn extreme for me. I'm good with one card. I may do an x2 card at some point, but I'd never run more than one graphics card unless A: the total cost was at or below $200 or B: the second vidcard is being used for physics.

And heck, there's people out there still benching like crazy using 3dmark 2001 SE... watercooling socket A rigs, getting em to some crazy high clockspeeds, and using some cool vintage GPUs. ... fun stuff, IMO.

I mean, if I could, I'd love to peltier cool a socket A setup, maybe an Athlon MP board.. get the cpu(s) running @ 3ghz, and re-fit an early DDR2 vidcard (5800 Ultra?) with newer RAM, and manually mod the BIOS... ...THAT would be cool. ... and then slap a 3850 AGP in there and see how it runs Crysis.

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