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Default Re: Would you like to ask Nvidia a question?

Seems like good answers to me. I actually like now Nvidia is pushing GPU computing but not only pushing but suceeding. ATI/AMD talk alot about it but I don't see much from it.

As for PhysX, it would probably be alot cheaper for ATI to adopt it and use it then what it already cost Nvidia to develope it, market it, support it etc.. Needless to say alot easier for a number of developers to have a ready working standard being used. Alot of this I see that ATI/AMD would get it free, easy use of the hard work that went to a number of titles that use PhysX. The downside is I get the feeling ATI/AMD just doesn't trust Nvidia in this which I hope is not the case.

Once again it is Nvidia pushing technology as in Raytracing in games which is too early to tell if they will be successful, I know Intel had this goal but Intel is even falling behind the ball more so then Nvidia.

Now the derivatives of the 200 series not only worry me but also maybe fall short once derived compared to ATI/AMD offerings. I hope Fermi is real strong and easy to down scale into the lower price categories otherwise I think Nvidia will have somewhat of a rough time next generation of gaming cards.

Virtually everytime Nvidia goes down a course, they suceed and what I mean is new technology and their use. The problem with that on the PC side of things is, well like PhysX, it causes problems with the other partners making PCs and software for it. Plug and play standards for hardware and software (as much as possible) has made the pc what it is today. Not saying unique items never occured but on items that everyone needs (graphics card or GPU) common standards rule. To keep this short I wish Nvidia would start a whole new computing platform using their GPU's for computing and graphics in general. Nvidia in this case whould never be held back and would only be limited to what they could achieve by themselves. I think they would excel at this in no uncertain terms and time is ripe again for something other then a Mac or Windowed PC, Linux has it's own issues with open standards. Maybe a new Amiga or Atari ST but of course much beter .
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