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Default Re: End of the line for GTX 2xx series?

Nvidia is rather clever plus I don't see a shortage of 200 series of cards yet so maybe there are still plenty until next generation hits. Plus if there are a shortage of Nvidia cards it might play into Fermi release with folks glad that Nvidia has another generation out to rush out and buy from their favorite GPU vendor.

Now yes if I was going to buy a gaming card tomorrow it would be from ATI but I am not buying one tomorrow and maybe not this year. So when I do get ready to buy one, things maybe much different and for alot of folks this will be the case. I was previously set on buying a 4870 but when it came time for me to upgrade, the Nvidia designed card was the better deal at that time, I am still extremely happy with it even today. Now the longer ATI has an advantage the more impact it will have on Nvidia.
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