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Originally posted by Scorched
Well, after several days of racking my brain, and bits and pieces of help from people, I finally got the drivers to compile, and they're working for the most part.
How did you solve the problem?

The only error I've received so far in X Windows is when I try to open the Screensaver menu. It says:

"There was an error loading the module
The diagnostics is:"

and give no info at all. Does this sound like a driver problem, or another problem, with X itself, because it does the exact same thing when I try to pull up my sound info?
Popup window or console output?
If window: sounds like a problem with your window manager.
Permissions wrong, no sound daemon (esd, arts, whatever) running?
The only window managers I know well enough to be of any help are Enlightenment (currently running on this machine) and IceWM (on the machine behind me)...
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