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Originally Posted by Viral View Post
It's not active desktop, but I tried enabling it and disabling it and no difference. The icons themselves lose their transparent edges with active desktop enabled, my prob is juts the text for the name.

Just to add to the weirdness... windows is looking more and more like it was just installed. The CP was no longer set to classic view, and going into the C drive, programs and windows folders brought up that blue screen where you had to click the link to get it to display the files. Haven't seen that in years! lol

Thanks anyway, though. I ran spybot and it caught one thing but repairing it changed nothing, that's all I can think of though... somethings messed with the registry?
Sounds possible. I honestly don't know what the cause could be. Could be an infection of some sort, but removing the infection probably wont get your computer back to how it was.

How recent is your data backup? Is a fresh install (of Windows) feasible?
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