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Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Data is backed up every week and I'm pretty confident any remaining data could still be backed up considering the nature of our important files.

Still there is the time issue, the pc is still completely usable besides email being a pain because of constant password re-entry.

I might try an XP repair install first? I guess that could help.
Why not. Just be certain that you're data is backed up- obviously.

If that fails, maybe the fresh install? I mean, if the *only* inconvenience is having to punch in your password for e-mail all the time a fresh install might not be "cost effective". However, not knowing what is causing this problem... who knows what could start going wrong later on down the line?

I might encourage the fresh install simply due to the peace of mind it would offer. Or, try running malwarebytes to purge any infection. Then just limp along with it as it is.

Just some ideas I'm throwing out there. Hope you get it working bro.
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