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Default Re: Windows 7 Security

For the longest time I used nothing as I was using 64-bit Vista. But with more and more systems using 64-bit OS's I'm afraid it's time to start using security software again.

Currently I'm using Norton 360- but only because I got it free from work. It seems to work rather well, doesn't bog my system down and doesn't seem to interfere with anything I do. So naturally, I'll recommend it. Though, honestly, I don't have a lot of experience with alternative software. I've been rather fond of Trend Micro for some time, and if I were to go out and buy something it'd probably be them.

I'd say you'd be happy with either- Norton 360 or Trend Micro Internet Security. Either way, I'd go for the full suite. I'm not sure I trust Windows Defender nor the Windows Firewall all that much.
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