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Default Re: Windows 7 possible bug or driver problem?

I only used Windows 7 64 to check it out, but yes, I had the issue in 64 bit Vista and Windows 7 off and on. It was all windows that were jerky though, not just Windows crappy image viewer. Usually drivers 182.50 (Vista & XP) or 186.18 (Win7). The newer ones just suck. I have images of nice clean installs of Win7 64, Vista 64 and good old XP Pro 32.

Mostly I wind up using XP still because I always run into some snag, bug, or annoyance on the others. That and I can't stand how slow they are compared to XP. Windows 7 is just a mess as far as I'm concerned due to it not remembering window positions, the 59 hertz thing, etc, etc. I absolutely can not stand not having my windows open where I put them and instead having them ALL stack up on top of each other requiring me to constantly drag them around.
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