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Default Re: Realtek LAN: Device Cannot Start

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Well, Ubuntu didn't help any.

It doesn't work and I don't know if the LAN card is missing a driver or if its just not picking up the network connection. I have no idea where to look at a list of installed devices and their drivers in this OS.

I downloaded a driver but since executables don't exist and apparently installation instructions are below Linux driver programmers I have no idea what to do with it.

Right now I'm thinking about sticking my board in the computer I'm building and buying a new P45 board for my system. I'd have a worthless bottom of the barrel G41 board laying around, but I could always save it for another system.

I just hate to have to kill my system to do this.

EDIT: I'm going to try one more time to reinstall 7 on this computer and install the driver straight from gigabyte. If that doesn't work I'm going to toss the hard drive in my rig and boot up 7 with my system. If the ethernet on my board works fine then I'll just swap out the boards and order a Gigabyte P45 UD3P for my rig. This would solve a bunch of problems at once, though it would cost me a good chunk of change. I'd finally have PCI-E 2.0 and a second slot to use my 9600GT for a physx card, and I should be able to overclock my Q9550 a little better. The P35 will also allow me to overclock the E6750 in the other system, which is what I intended from the beginning.

I'll probably have to just toss XP onto a drive to test the G41 board too just to make 100% sure that its just a 7\vista driver problem and not a problem with the board. If the board is defective then I'll have to RMA it. Either way though I don't have time to wait for that now. I need to finish this system by the end of the week.
In Ubuntu you can do a number of things. Type dmesg to see what happened on boot or lspci -v in the terminal(you may need to use sudo) to get a readout of all of the devices. I assume Network Manager didn't pick anything up then?

You could try the Ubuntu wiki
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