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Question kswapd kernel problem and the NVdriver


I have RH7.3 , kernel 2.4.18-3 version. I have gforce2, and currently use NVdirver 2960. My box crashes, hangs/ freezes, keyboard stop responding, and so reboot follows this. Yeah, and the kswapd seems to go zombie prior to it, and occasionally it is possible to see the kswapd error message in the kernel log.

In the kernel mailings, there is a notable coincidence b/n people reporting this problem, and them using the NVdriver. I've seen that kernel developers ask people to be able to reproduce the error without the NVdriver used.

So, i was wondering if anyone here also has this problem. It is quite annoying having your system crashing every now and again. Also would be interesting what people at nvidia think about it.

Anyway, i will try the new driver, and see what that will do. And, then i guess i would have to switch back to the linux nv, if crashes will go on...

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