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Default Re: Official Borderlands Feedback Thread

Unfortunately can't even play the game for another 3 hours because of the weird Steam unlock time, but at least it's preloaded.

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4
Lol what is this game? Only seen some cgi about year ago
It's a coop-focused FPS with heavy action-RPG elements. Basically think of a mix of World of Wacraft questing and character development, Diablo-style loot and grouping, and FPS style shooting action and you have a basic idea of how the game plays. The visual style is highly stylized and fairly unique (cel-shading and slightly disproportionate characters give it a sort of comic-book feeling). The sound design, especially the weapon sounds and music, is top-notch and really thickens the game's atmosphere.

There are sure to be flaws with the game but I never saw any while I was playing.
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