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Default Re: Official Borderlands Feedback Thread

I have this on the 360 because I wasn't sure I'd like it, but my friends are all playing it on the 360.

The game has a similar background to Fallout 3, but it's totally different in gameplay and story.

First off, Fallout 3 is in a post-nuclear war setting in the DC area of the US, along with some other areas in the Eastern US. Fallout 3 has a linear story, with tons of side quests and is very open and sandbox like. You make your character, take the skills you want as you go and level up. It's an RPG with some FPS elements. Where you hit or not is not based on twitch aim.

Borderlands is more of an action FPS with RPG elements like XP, getting loot, levelling and add training new skills that pertain to the character class you picked.

There's a soldier who can deploy turrets, a sniper chick and a melee juggernaut dude.

The game plays sorta like a MMO. You talk to NPC's get quests, kill these guys, grab these items, infilitrate this area and return to the quest giver. The quest giver then gives a quest to talk to more NPC's, who are spread out further.

The game takes place on another planet, not earth after the A-Bomb. It's just a wasteland. It borrows a lot from Madmax, but again, Madmax was on earth. There are "zones" in this game. Areas that you use an item and port into, then complete and port out. It's not one huge map like Fallout 3.

It's similar to Hellgate London in many ways, but better. It has that Diablo II type of feel. Kill tons of mobs, do quests, gain loot, sell loot, train new skills, etc.

The graphics look good in some spots, other times the shadows and NPC's looked kinda bad, but overall it's very stylized and it's a lot of fun.

Just don't expect a deep game like Fallout 3 where you can really customize your character do all that hacking/science/tinkering stuff you could in Fallout 3.
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