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Default Odd stutter/hiccup issue with video on 190.X

I'm running an Nvidia 730i motherboard with built-in 9300 card and HDMI output. I'm dealing with an annoying periodic stutter wherein the video (480p, 720p, doesn't seem to matter) stutters twice, about a second apart, every couple minutes. Otherwise, it plays perfectly.

By stutter, I mean it drops a few frames and then continues. I can "fix" it for a while by killing X and unloading/reloading the nvidia module. But it always comes back. Restarting X without reloading the module doesn't help, so it seems like it's the nvidia module.

I had high hopes for 190.42, which fixed a memory leak, but no love. It's still doing it.

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10. It happens in both Mplayer and Xine. I haven't noticed it in fullscreen Flash video, but I haven't tested that a ton.

Anyone seen this or have an idea what's going on?

Edited to add: I haven't tested any "stable" drivers (185 or earlier), as I'm displaying this on my TV, which suffers from the overscan problem. Overscan compensation didn't show up until 190.
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