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Default VDPAU and DEINTERLACE problem [solved]


I have problem with VDPAU deinterlace. It have dropped pictures.
I was try many possible configuration and nothing help except disable deinterlace.

I was test it with driver 185.18.36, 190.42RC both is same
I try it wit several cards:
- 8400 with shared memory - AMD X2 4800+
- G100 - 512MB 64bit DDR2 - AMD X2 4800+
- G105M - 512MB 64bit DDR2 - intel T6600 CPU
- G130 - 792MB 192bit DDR2 - AMD X2 4800+

Nothing works

I test several xine-lib version
- revision 262 SVN
- revision 275 SVN
- revision 284 SVN
- revision 285 SVN

nothing works

EDIT: freezing is solved, but I have visibly drooped frames

I was try SD/MPEG2 video with temporal_spatial deinterlace - not work
I was try HD/h264 video with all deinterlacers bob/temporal/temporal_spatial - not work

On all cards qvdpau show me sufficient power to deinterlace, its works, but freeze randomly.

For exclusion window manager effect I was try start it without window manager direcly on xorg server. It not help.

Why? I don't have idea what I can do. Going to crazy...

Tracelog (VDPAU_TRACE=1) for one freeze few second after start is in attachment.
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