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Default Re: Official Borderlands Feedback Thread

Well I've gotten past level 20 on two characters. I have a level 22 Soldier and 24 Berserker. At first I thought I liked the Berserker more, but after getting past level 20 and into Dahl Highlands on my Soldier and getting a nice class mod (increased fire rate, reduced recoil); hands down my Soldier is already more powerful than my Berserker.

I can almost keep up a consistent rate of fire (combat rifle) without getting hardly any recoil, it's even better after I've killed something and get my recoil reduced even further not to mention faster rate of fire. Nothing like firing a whole clip of bullets and seeing like 75% of them crit a Badass Bruiser in the head and he's at 1/4 health hehe.

On my Berserker I took out the Roid guy with rockets, but it was kind of a cheap kill. Somehow the AI bugged when I jumped back into the little pit where you start (to dodge some incoming axes from the midget psycho's). I could jump on a rock to the side and lob rockets at him (he never moved), he threw a couple nades at me and I ran to the other side of the pit and ducked down. I took some shield damage but it recharged before the next nade was thrown.

EDIT: Just an FYI, never let your friends go AFK in Lost Caves between the first camp of humans and the last camp of crab things. I had to fight off about 2 full-waves containing 4 simultaneous spawns of Skags (Adult/Alpha/Badass Skags), the humans from the camp took potshots, and the crab thingies. All while trying to keep myself and him alive, of course he also dinged like twice while AFK, that bastage! Scorpio Turret FTMFW!
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