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Default Re: Part of the family

Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
Well, I recieved my Win7 64 today, it's already installed. It didn't go very well, though. I got a blue screen just after inputting my key. AND (my fault) I installed it to the wrong partition!

2nd try went well. I haven't activated it yet...but, I have a question. Anyone with Win7 Pro have games? My Games explorer is EMPTY. Will this fill up when I activate? I thought it came with ChessTitans, Freecell, Solitare, etc?

I haven't purchased Windows since Win2k. WinXP was given to me (legally, with key and COA).
Those games should be there when you install Win7. If not, go to Control Panel | Programs and Features | Window Features | and check Games.
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