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Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
So how high have you got that 9550 overclocked Captn? I really believe mine would go higher than 3.8 stable with a different motherboard. Mine doesn't like the ram dividers being changed other than where I have it set now I don't think. If I lower or raise the ram speed from where I have it set now it crashes windows. Ah well 3.8 is fine for me.

Also how are your temps?
Well it turns out one of my sticks of memory was bad so I'm kind of stuck for now.

I just threw in some GSkill DDR2-800 that I had laying around and I pushed the CPU up to 3.4 with absolutely no problems. I'm not going to mess with it until I get that ram replaced though. I've always been a little suspicious that I had a memory problem but I narrowed it down to just one of the four sticks today using memtest.

Honestly, I wish the price of memory didn't go through the roof (comparatively) recently. I'd like to get a 2x2Gb set of 1066. I think using 4x1 has always been problematic for overclocking for some reason.

EDIT: woot... got the E6750 in the other system to 3.2Ghz easy on an OCZ Vendetta cooler. It runs pretty hot (58C) in OCCT so I think I'll back it down to 3Ghz and drop the voltage a bit. I think that'll add a bit more oomph to the CPU over the 2.66Ghz stock clocks.
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