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Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
I was just going to ask about that. I just renewed my subscription and grabbed myself Win7. They seem to have changed how the keys work....last time I had my subscription you were only given one key for each product, and it was allowed to be activated on different computers 10 times. But now you can request up to 10 retail keys, which to me implies that they are regular retail keys....which can only be activated on a single machine...

But if what you say is true, then maybe each of the 10 "retail" keys can still be activated 10 times?
Yeah they seem to have changed it. But it says "retail" keys and if you look in their faq it says that all keys labeled retail have multiple activations. So I dont know anymore

RTL - This retail key allows multiple activations
And you can get 10 keys for windows 7 and 10 keys for windows 7 N. The only difference is that the N version doesnt have windows media center but you can install manually. So its really 20 keys that may have multiple activations each one

And more info:

Q: Can I determine how many activations are remaining for my keys, if activation is required?

A: No. When a Microsoft product requires activation (such as Windows Vista), the product keys provided with your subscription allow a limited number of activations. The product keys available through your subscription can have one or more activations per product key. Multiple Activation Keys for older products typically are 10 activation keys. As subscribers often have legitimate needs to install and reinstall software more often, we are working to increase activations available for keys, or to enable issuance of additional keys. Going forward we plan to continue to support this business need and increase the number of activations for subscribers, or enable multiple keys to be claimed.

IMPORTANT - If you use products that require activation, many allow up to 30 days usage without activating. If you re-image your computers more frequently than every 30 days, you may want to consider NOT activating them if you have that option based on the product you are installing.

If you deplete activations for a key, you may be able to claim additional keys for that product. Additional keys would have their own set of activations.

If you are unable to claim additional keys and you have depleted all activations on ALL keys claimed, you can request additional keys by contacting your local Customer Service Center (click the Support tab above). A Customer Service Representative will validate your request and will submit the request to have additional keys provisioned for you. The additional keys will be claimable from the site.
What I can determine is that the retail keys from technet have multiple activations. But no idea how many
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