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Default Re: Torchlight - A review from a Diablo 2 fan

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
I was < > close to buying Torchlight last night because of all the "rave" reviews. Literally, EVERYONE is saying how amazing this game is. I went to website upon website and glowing reviews all around. All the forums I visit were saying it was the "best $20 for a game I have ever spent" . I was skeptical when people started saying "This game is just as fun as Diablo 2!!!". So then, I downloaded the demo.

My opinions:

This game has zero story. All the quests were absolutely stupid and randomly generated. But you know what, thats ok. I never pay attention to stories any way, I just want to kill. But in this game is just so blatantly obvious, it really takes away from the game.
There is a story, granted it's not a good one, but there is one.

The Graphics. The graphics are "ok". They are pretty bright and happy. Which is.... meh ok I can deal with that.
The graphics do the job fine - they're not groundbreaking nor are they ugly thanks to the stylizing.

The sound. The music is the best part of the game. It IS diablo 2 music. I love the music. However, the gameplay sounds are lacking very much and there is hardly any dialogue.
There is dialogue - you're probably just like me clicking skip before the npcs even open their mouths.

Multiplayer? Theres no multiplayer. Does that affect how I feel about the game? not at all. I don't play multiplayer in diablo 2. I never did. Only single player for me. So no multiplayer is fine by me.
Would be fine if the single-player campaign had a better story; you need friends to enjoy doing the same things over and over again(playing through this game once is enough).

The gameplay. Heres the kicker. Let me be blunt. The gameplay sucks. As good as diablo 2? are you ****ting me? Are you ****ing retarded? This game is nowhere near Diablo 2. If Torchlight offered Diablo 2 a free blow-job, Diablo 2 would smack Torchlight in the face for talking to him. This gameplay is boring. I felt repetitiveness within 2 minutes of playing the game.
Have you ever even played Diablo II? The gameplay is pretty much exactly the same - you point and click, now how many ways are there to do that?

This game IS a carbon copy of a game called "Fate". Fate was an "ok" game, it gave me a solid 8 hours of playtime, until I got bored with it. But all in all, it was pretty good. When I play this game, I keep thinking "I've played this before, and it got pretty damn boring. I'm only 5 minutes in and its still pretty boring".
Never played fate. So no comment.

The gameplay on this game is very childish. If you have the brain of a newt, you might enjoy it. Going from "downstairs" to "downstairs" to "downstairs" to "portal" to "downstairs" to "downstairs" to "portal" to "downstairs" to "downstairs" , gets boring after a while. Where are the zones? Don't give me this "We randomly generate levels to ensure the game stays fresh! " bull****. This game was made lazily. They didn't feel like designing a well thought out map, so they made EVERYTHING random. Its stupid and its boring. I want to visit an actual "zone". Sure, you can make some of the content random, but at least give each zone and level a different feel and a name. Is that too hard?
You played a demo and now you're an expert on how the levels in this game were designed? I'm sorry, but there are a lot of different levels so you are completely wrong on this one.

The Skills/Spells? Wow. How lame can you get? I looked through EVERY different skill and I couldn't find a single one I would ever want. Even the highest level skills looked boring. All the skills were either "increase blah blah stat by blah blah percent" or "area affect spell that freezes/fires/slams everyone around you". Thats it.
Exactly like Diablo II, so if you enjoyed that game then you'll enjoy this one as well.

Wheres the creativity? This game has ZERO creativity. None. Zero. Zilch. Nadda.
This game isn't supposed to be groundbreaking - it's supposed to be a fun game for the fans of diablo to play until the real thing comes out hence the 15€ price-tag.

To be franc, You guys who say this game "reminds you of diablo 2" are out of your damn minds. Not only is this game NOTHING like Diablo 2, its not even fun. Titan's Quest was fun. Dungeon Siege was fun. This? Not fun. This game is boring and extremely repetitive within 5 minutes of play. I LOVE hack and slash games, but this game just seems lazy to me.
You take Diablo II, take out the story and add a pet = Torchlight.

Within a week, half of you will have quit Torchlight. Within 2 weeks, you will forget it exists. This game isn't an "instant classic" like I've seen all around the internet. This game is only fun to old WoW players who never played Diablo 2. Playing this stupid little game reminds them of playing WoW, so they think its fun. You "think" you like this game, but you don't really. You really don't.
Well considering how far we've come since the Diablo II days this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, especially considering the length and lack of multiplayer in this game.
Hell if Diablo II came out in its original form today nobody would even bother playing it.

Do yourself a favor, play Titans Quest or Diablo 2 if you are looking for a decent hack and slash game that you will actually enjoy.

Torchlight = Fate with Diablo 2 music. Thats it and thats all.
Just give it a chance and you'll come to see just how wrong Tygerwood is.
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