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Default Re: Torchlight - A review from a Diablo 2 fan

Originally Posted by mizzer View Post
The truth is present.

You know, I almost pushed the "buy" button for Torchlight last night due to all the rave, player reviews: especially ones on this forum. Instead I opted to try the demo first.

Glad I did.

Torchlight is (almost) EXACTLY like Fate. In fact, it is so much like Fate I'm wondering if a copyright lawsuit is in the devs' future.

Now, Fate is a good game : cheap, not too deep, easy to play, good graphics, enough variety to keep one playing for 10+ hours. But, and here's the thing, I ALREADY OWN FATE. So I'm not about to plunk down another twenty to play a game I already own.

Take the advice of the honest gamers who are both familiar with Fate and Torchlight:

If you've never played Fate: get Torchlight.

If you've played Fate and would like to play it again: get Torchlight.

If you've played Fate but you impulsively bought Torchlight thinking that it was a different game only to discover that it is actually Fate with a different title here are your options:

1) Stick to your mantra on the forums ("It's not Fate!") but silently lament your purchase at home
2) Admit it's just like Fate and that you hastily bought it.

With option 1 you'll have our sympathy and a little *wink*. With option 2 you'll have our respect.
Fate sucked ass.
Torchlight doesnt and is fun.
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