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Default Re: Torchlight - A review from a Diablo 2 fan

Interesting review but wrong IMO. The gameplay is exactly the same as all the other Diablo Clones. I can't see how you would say this one is boring and the others are any better, the gameplay is nearly identical in every game. Sure the story for the games like Diablo 1/2 and Titan's Quest were better but gameplay really? The gameplay is the same on all of them with slight deviations on the skill trees and art style. The only real complaint I have about this game is the Skill trees. You can pick anything once you are at that level, there are no prerequisite skills you need to place points into before you can use a skill. Not necessarily a bad thing for some skills, but it doesn't make sense for others because you'd expect you'd need something like Marksman skill before you could use something like targeted shot.

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