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Default Re: Really getting sick of this...

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Are those mid to high 50 temps while running OCCT? If so that is pretty damn good.

I hope it isn't while idling.

I get a high of 60C after running Prime 95 for a few hours and OCCT hits 71C after an hour.
Yeah that was under load.

That wasn't the linpack test though. It was the large file OCCT test.

I ran it for an hour and 25 minutes and actually forgot is was going while I posted here.

My temps topped out at 61,59,58,58.

The temps are great but I just can't believe its actually stable. I don't have Load Line Calibration turned on, so it still reads around 1.26v (set to 1.3v in bios) idle and 1.23v under load. At this same setting on my other board my startup programs would be crashing before they all loaded successfully. I'm not sure if it due to the board having more stable voltages or that bad stick of memory being removed. It was probably the memory, but it just seems strange because the memory worked fine at 848Mhz... not a single error.

I'm pretty psyched about the stability and temps though. I don't even have a real good fan on my CPU (just a cheapo antec tri-cool set to high) but my rear exhaust fan is so close to the heatsink it must be acting like a push-pull setup.

EDIT: LOL... yeah its stable...

I was just working on something off the computer for a while with a CD playing on the computer. The CD skipped a few times and I couldn't figure out why. I just sat back down and looked something up online and I realized I'd had the OCCT small data set test running for the past hour and a half.

I totally forgot that I started that test. My temps are great though. 61,58,56,56.
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