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Default Re: Torchlight - A review from a Diablo 2 fan

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
Diablo 2 is the best game I've ever played.
Lol, that's funny, I wouldn't even rank it in my top 100 and I did complete it...

Found it too simplistic and boring, it's a mind numbing diversion at best... what strategy, play some deep turn based game and you'll use your brain... point and click, keep a hot button on the health potion and always make sure you have an escape route and you'll do fine...

I also try to play games like this where one death = end of game, so if you're a reload freak it's even easier...

Best part about these type of games (Diablo 1, 2, titans quest, dung siege ...etc) is they are fun to play on a LAN with kids, played them with my cousins and sister we had a riot cause they get so involved and caught up in it...

Just my 2 cents...

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