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Default Re: Torchlight - A review from a Diablo 2 fan

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
oh no....

3 skills. List them. Can you even remember 3 skills? The game is so uninspiring, I can't remember any of them. They were all "stomp for area effect" or "put skill points in this to increase 1% damage in swords" . Wow, sounds like so much fun!

And steam ID, please.
You played 1 class for 10 minutes. You aren't really in a position to criticize the game objectively. You decided it was bad before you ever gave it a chance. Can I remember the names of skills? No, I just got the game last night and only played a couple of hours. There were a few summons and some nice nuke spells on my alchemist is all I remember. Oh and asking my Steam ID to check my play time doesn't prove anything other than that you can't come up with any reasonable criticism of the game other than "I don't like it because it isn't Diablo 2".

Also I'm on the NVNews group and you can check my play time whenever you want.
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